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Urban Tango Nights is an Argentine Tango club based in Swansea,
South Wales, UK

Our aim is to promote all forms of tango from Canyengue to Fusion, Salon to Nuevo, Alternative to Experimental and generally have fun along the way.  

As Tango is widely considered to be a social dance we believe that enjoyment should be first and foremost.  We actively encourage experimentation and the development of personal style as well as understanding the history of the dance. 

We believe there are no rules in Tango (except general good manners).  We do not encourage the use of the cabaceo, but instead encourage people to talk to each other as you would in any other social dance.  We also encourage women to ask men to dance.   Tango can be danced to any music and we find this allows for full expression of the freedom of the art form and we do not usually use tandas or cortinas.   

We also believe that there is no such thing as beginners or advanced dancers in tango there is only those who know how to do a step and therefore need to practice and develop that step, and those who need to learn the step.   

Meet our Teachers

I started dancing Ballroom & Latin American in 2004 at my local dance school, working through all the dances and progressing through a series of medal tests. I started teaching at the school just before I left for University, preparing my students for their tests.
I started teaching for Swansea University Dance Society in 2008 and continued until 2015, a record I think! I choreographed and performed two pieces for the annual show in Taliesin each year.
I founded and captained the Dancesport Team for the University from 2009 until 2013.
I discovered Tango in 2014 through the Dance Society. I began with traditional, but it did not take long to branch out into Nuevo, and we are lucky to live in a place with both styles available in the community. Since then our path had taken many twists and turns to form our own style of Tango, experimenting with movement and fusioning all the dance styles we’ve experienced through the years.
I also dance Modern Jive/Ceroc™ and Blues, and am Groove™ Facilitator and hold weekly classes through my business Wellbeing SCAPES.

I started dancing Latin and Ballroom with the Swansea University Dance Society in 2007 and started teaching in 2010.
Over the years I have choreographed show routines, competed in university competitions and developed teaching techniques for improvised social dancing.
In 2014 I took up Argentine Tango starting with traditional and moving to nuevo. I have a particular interest in mixing dance styles and moves to create a unique interpretation of a dance.
I am also interested in the history of dance especially tracing the reasons for changes in trends and techniques.
I have also dabbled in swing, modern jive, hustle, discofox and ballet and my other interests include cycling rugby and science.

Meet our Assistant Teachers

I started dancing in 2011 with Swansea University Dance Society in a range of classes including Hip Hop, Bollywood, Belly dancing as well as Ballroom and Latin.
In 2016-2017, I also taught their Beginners Hip Hop class where pupils got to learn the basic moves for a range of hip styles and choreographed the show routine.
I have also taken up hula hoop dancing which I have attended formal classes for since 2017 as well as pole dancing which I have been practising since 2018.
I started learning Argentine Tango in 2016 through Urban Tango Nights and have not looked back since. I have been taught a range of traditional and nuevo styles, with nuevo being my personal preference.
I use my experience in a range of dance styles to enable me to provide the potential for creating fusions as well as helping me to adapt to new moves.

I danced Ballroom and Latin American for ten years in Derbyshire. Doing choreographed medal tests, learnt leader’s steps and assisting in classes and learning to teach with my IDTA teacher and former Ballroom and Latin judge. Dances included the standard 10: Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Viennese waltz, Rumba, Cha cha, Jive, Samba and Paso doble. Plus an exam version of Argentine Tango.
Additionally we danced sequence, salsa and rock ‘n’ roll. I competed a few times with a compilation show dance and we did performances. I supplemented this by assisting in another ballroom class, and dancing salsa and Argentine tango.
After moving to Wales in 2015 I also immersed myself into the salsa scene dancing both Latin cross body and Cuban salsa, as well as bachata and kizomba. However I wanted more!
In 2017 I restarted belly dancing in Caberet/Egyptian style before my teacher left and I found a new class in American Tribal Style (ATS). All our dances are improvised, even when we perform at events and socials.
In 2016 I found Urban Tango Nights (UTN), who provided me lessons in one of my favourite dances, Argentine Tango! Or simply as they call it in Argentina, tango! Learning from our very own UTN’s Chris and Alison as well as from venerated guest teachers they have brought in (see Classes and Events).
I have continued to dance both leaders and followers’ steps and two and a half years on of supporting Urban Tango Nights in class and at their events, I am now enjoying officially assisting.

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