Welsh International Tango Festival

Wales’ 3rd International Tango Festival
26th-29th November 2021
at Swansea University

We would like to welcome you to the Wales’ 3rd International Tango Festival. 
The event will be run from Friday 26th November to Monday 29th November and includes workshops from some of the World’s top tango teachers and performers as well as local talent, a lecture and concert plus a a welcome milonga, a live music milonga ball with hot buffet and a live music chillout milonga tea dance
There will also be stalls selling clothing and shoes (ideal for Christmas presents). 
The event is aimed at all types and levels of tango dancer and we are sure no matter what your preference you will find something you enjoy. 
There is also limited opportunities to have private lessons from our guest teachers.        

​Please note Details, Time and Venues are subject to change!   

Due to the COVID-19 situation the event has been postponed from 2020 to 2021.
We will make a decision on whether it is viable to run the event in 2021 in May/June 2021. We are hopeful given the vaccine situation in the UK that we will be able to proceed. Bookings are open but we will not be taking any money until at least July.



Welcome and Introductions:  19:00-19:15

Workshop 1:  19:15-20:00 Boleos with Heel Catch taught by UTN (B/I).

Welcome Milonga: 20:00-23:30.   Live music from the Christian Collazo Trio and Traditional Music by DJ Sian Fussell and Nuveo/ Alt Music by DJ Wayne Rozier.


Workshop O   12:00-12:50  Tangosteopathy- An unique opportunity to experience the learning of Tango dance movements through the lenses of a holistic, whole-body specialized concept as Osteopathy taught by Diana Cruz and Karin Gerhardt

Workshop 2.  12:00-12:50 Topic TBC (B) taught by Susan Pesticcio and Sian Fussell  

Workshop 3a: 13:00-13:50 Ocho cortados for Tango, Milonga and Vals,  taught by Eduardo Bozzo (I)

Workshop 3b.  13:00-13:50 Topic TBC (B) taught by Susan Pesticcio and Sian Fussell  

Workshop 4a: 14:00-14:50 Musical combinations with dynamic changes for Tango Salon, taught by Eduardo Bozzo (I)

Workshop 4b: 14:00-14:50 Blues, taught by the Island Dance Wizards (I/A)​

Break/ Practica/ Pilates Class:
15:00-16:00  Optional Pilates with Helen Hedworth

Workshop 5: 16:00-16:50 Topic TBC.  Taught by Nick Jones and Diana Cruz (I/A)

Workshop 6: 17:10-18:30  Topic TBC, Taught by Nick Jones and Diana Cruz (I)

Break/Practica 18:30-19:30

Milonga Ball: 19:30-midnight.  The ball will feature two live sets from Cabaret Tango and DJing from UTN who will be playing an equal mixture of traditional, nuevo and alternative music,  so that everybody has something to dance to. There will also be a hot buffet supplied and performances from Nick & Diana. 


Breakfast Cafe: 9:30-11:00 Breakfast of cereal, yogurt and croissants provided 

Pilates: 10:10-10:55   Pilates-inspired, solo movement class, which will explore posture, balance and core conditioning to bring you new confidence and comfort – before, during and after dancing with Helen Hedworth

Workshop 7: 11:00-11:50 Tango Fusion. Taught by UTN B/I

Workshop 8: 12:00-12:50 Tango Blues Fusion, Taught by IDW B/I


Workshop X: 11:00-13:00 Small Group Taught by Nick Jones and Diana Cruz. This workshop will be limited to just 8 couples who will have the teachers undivided attention.  

Lunch Break: 13:00-13:30 Picnic Buffet Provided

Lecture: 13:30-14:10 Talk on the Instruments of Tango Music and the development of the Bandoneon  by Mirek Salmon.

Concert: 14:15-15:00  A selection of Bandoneon music with Mirek Salmon,  

Chillout Milonga Tea Dance: 15:00-18:00. To finish off the weekend a chance to dance and socialise to relaxing music.  Live music from Tango Calor and DJing from UTN who will be playing a range of chillout music include tango, blues, smooth modern jive plus much more.


Breakfast:  10:00-11:30. Breakfast in Zinco Lounge:  Meet up and have breakfast together in the city centre.  You pay for what you order.

Lunchtime Class:  13:00-14:00.  FREE Class in the Taliesin Create Studio, Swansea University with Urban Tango Nights.   

Class and Practica:  19:30-22:30:  Free Class followed by a practica with Urban Tango Nights, held in Peppermint on Wind St. 

Workshop Levels Key
(B) Beginner
(I) Novice/ Improvers
(A) Intermediate/ Advanced


Booking Essential, for payment details please email or fill in the booking form below, bookings close midday Sunday 15th November

If you wish to be added to the reserve list for Workshop X (if we get enough on the list we will look into adding a second workshop x) please contact us.     

Full Pass 1 (Workshops 1-8, lecture, concert and 3 milongas) £134 or £220 per Couple (add £10 /20 for workshop O)

Full Pass 2 (Workshops 1-6 Plus Workshop X, lecture, concert and 3 milongas) £300 per Couple   Only 8 Available add (£10 /20 for workshop O)  

Workshop O Workshop O only (30 places), £15

Workshop X Pass (Workshop X, lecture, concert and Sunday Milonga) £150 per Couple, Only 8 Available  

Friday Pass (Workshop and Welcome Milonga) £18 pp or £30 per Couple 

Full Saturday Pass (Workshops 2-6 and milonga ball) £85 pp or £160 per Couple (add £10 /20 for workshop O)  

Saturday Pass 1 (Workshops 2-6) £75 pp or £140 per Couple (add £10 /20 for workshop O)

Saturday Pass 2 (Any two Workshops plus Ball) £65 pp or £120 per Couple 

Full Sunday Pass (Workshops 7-8, Lecture, Concert and Milonga) £45  

Sunday Pass 1 (Workshops 7-8) £25 

Concert Pass (Lecture, Concert and Chillout Milonga) £20

Milonga Pass (3 Milongas) £45

Welcome Pass (Friday Milonga) £12

Ball Pass (Saturday Milonga) £30

Chillout Pass (Sunday Milonga) £12

To book please fill out the contact form below stating which Pass you would like to book and if it is for a Solo dancer or a Couple.

Refunds permitted if cancelling 1 month before the event (24th October 2021), after this date it will be at the organiser’s discretion.  Refunds will be given due to event cancellation.

We do not offer any accommodation, this will need to be booked separately. We are also not liable for accommodation costs in the event of a cancellation of the event.

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