3rd Welsh International Tango Festival Reflection

It was 2 years in the making and last weekend we were able to run Wales’ 3rd International Tango Festival.  Now it’s time to reflect and plan the next festival! As you are very aware, organising any event in the current time is fraught with uncertainty. The festival was originally announced in January 2020 to beContinue reading “3rd Welsh International Tango Festival Reflection”

How our classes work

Published March 14th 2018Author: Chris In this blog I’m going to talk about the format of the Urban Tango Nights classes, and the teaching philosophies myself and Alison use. We often get comments on how well people we have taught dance and are really surprised how quickly our dancers progress. It is not unusual forContinue reading “How our classes work”

Accessibility and Equality in Argentine Tango

Published February 15th 2018Author: Alison ‘Traditional’ Argentine tango Milongas are governed by a set of ‘Códigos’, codes and classes are not free from them either. But are they really required now or have they outgrown their use and are now actually hindering communities? Firstly these codes are not always made explicit to those just startingContinue reading “Accessibility and Equality in Argentine Tango”

Your Responsibility in the Tango Community

Published September 4th 2017Author: Chris So I suppose this blog applies to all dances but I’ve decided to focus it towards tango dancers as this group of dancers tends to bandy the word “community” about the most. To me “community” means a group of people working together to create something bigger and better. Over theContinue reading “Your Responsibility in the Tango Community”

Snobbery in Tango

Published November 11th 2016Author: Chris This blog is about the rambling thoughts that went through my head while watching Strictly Come Dancing over the weekend. For those who haven’t seen it, it was the first time in the 2016 series that the Argentine Tango appeared. It was danced by Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton andContinue reading “Snobbery in Tango”

Dancing for Wellbeing

Published September 29th 2016Author: Chris Let me start off this blog by saying I am NOT a medical doctor or psychologist and I am NOT in any way suggesting that you should stop any medication that you are on without consulting you GP. I am writing this from the point of view of idea ofContinue reading “Dancing for Wellbeing”

Are Dancers Attitudes to Nuevo/Alternative Music Limiting Tango?

Published August 4th 2016Author: Chris Last time I wrote a blog trying to highlight issues arising from peoples attitudes surrounding “traditional” tango music and if this is limiting the appeal of the dance. This time around I’m going to try and look at this same issue from the other side. I’m going to explore whyContinue reading “Are Dancers Attitudes to Nuevo/Alternative Music Limiting Tango?”

Are Dancers Attitudes to Traditional Music Limiting Tango?

Published July 21st 2016Author: Chris I have a number of problems with “traditional” or “golden-age” music. The first issue I have is the terminology used, the second is the way people talk about and try to justify the music and the third is I think it puts off younger generations sticking with tango. I shouldContinue reading “Are Dancers Attitudes to Traditional Music Limiting Tango?”

Are drills becoming part of the dance?

Published July 11th 2016Author: Chris In my last blog post I highlighted the issue of the modern trend in tango posture. This time I’m going to put forward my theory of why this trend has occurred and discuss the effects on other areas of the dance. Last time I stated that the tango posture hasContinue reading “Are drills becoming part of the dance?”

Thoughts on Posture

Published July 7th 2016Author: Chris The first thing that everyone should learn when they first go to a Tango class is posture. Posture is important to Tango as there is often chest to chest connection and the lead mostly originates from this contact. Therefore normal posture must be adapted to become the “tango posture”. InContinue reading “Thoughts on Posture”