Snobbery in Tango

Published November 11th 2016Author: Chris This blog is about the rambling thoughts that went through my head while watching Strictly Come Dancing over the weekend. For those who haven’t seen it, it was the first time in the 2016 series that the Argentine Tango appeared. It was danced by Louise Redknapp and Kevin Clifton andContinue reading “Snobbery in Tango”

Are Dancers Attitudes to Traditional Music Limiting Tango?

Published July 21st 2016Author: Chris I have a number of problems with “traditional” or “golden-age” music. The first issue I have is the terminology used, the second is the way people talk about and try to justify the music and the third is I think it puts off younger generations sticking with tango. I shouldContinue reading “Are Dancers Attitudes to Traditional Music Limiting Tango?”